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Published March 24, 2022

The import card services are regulated throughout the United Kingdom. Although the regulation takes place, based on mechanical integrity and driver knowledge. The public carriage office is also known as we are the one who issues licenses for taxis, private hire cabs and airport Cars. During the year 2015, there were around 298000 licensed drivers in England out of which 164000 were private hire car licenses and 62000 for taxi and also 72000 dual licenses. There are two different types of airport car services in London; the first one is the hackney carriages or taxis that can be hired on a hand wave in a street or from a taxi rank. There is another airport car service in London which is the private hire vehicle also known as MiniCabs when you can choose your vehicle according to your needs from a wide variety of choices that you will be offered. They can carry around 5 to 8 passengers and also the services cannot be found in the street. another type is the chauffeur cars which are also known to be a private hire service but generally, these are luxurious cars like Mercedes or Jaguar or BMW and the passengers also have to pay a premium in return they will receive a higher level of comfort and courtesy from their drivers and some of the drivers show up in uniforms.

If you feel that the best airport car service in London for you might be hiring a hackney carriage, only licensed carriages can pick up passengers on streets and without pre-booking. These drivers have to be licensed and must have passed their training courses when they will be taught more about the city. The number of airport car services in London is not limited. In London, the term minicab is also used to refer to private hire car transfers which are used in the United Kingdom; these services come with drivers available only for higher purposes and only on a pre-book basis. These many cab services were established in the year 1960 as a competition to hackney carriages. Unlike Hackney carriages,  minicabs cannot be found on the streets and you have to pre-book them using mobile internet or directly at the minicab register office. This can be booked only during the time it is required and you have to wait for confirmation from the office regarding your booking. 

The import services in London have drivers that have great knowledge about the roots in around the United Kingdom there also trained to desired roots immediately In response to the passenger's request or the traffic condition in London without stopping or depending on a map. The knowledge about London is intense among these drivers as they have to take a pre-exam before they are handed over the job. This was initiated in the year 1865 and it hasn't changed yet. 

Here are a few airport car services in London that might be useful for you.


London has a wide range of transfer options but if you are a person who is only looking for airport car service in London then you can choose from either saloon cars, executive, VIP, 7 seater executive, 8 seater executive, to 49 seater executive. 

Saloon cars are best suited for people who are a very small group. For example if you are a group traveling with around just for passengers or less this is the best option for you. Saloon cars are known to be the smallest among the other services that will be available at the same time; it will also help you accommodate 2 handbags and 2 medium pieces of luggage. Although it is not luxurious as some of the other options it is a comfortable option and your transfer will be stress-free. These are a few examples of Saloon cars you might be provided with the Volkswagen Passat,  Honda Jazz Toyota Prius for Vauxhall Vectra.

An executive private hire transfer will allow us to travel in style. These vehicles are extremely comfortable and elegant but the capacity and the features are the same as a salon car. Some of the cars that you will be offered if you choose an executive transfer are BMW series 5 Mercedes E Class or Audi A6. 

Although the VIP cars are the most stylish and elegant among all the options. It is also known to be one of a kind luxury class; the VIP cars are also most demanding. This car can accommodate four passengers with two handbags and two luggage. The cars that will be provided under this category will be Audi A8 Mercedes S Class BMW 7 series or Mercedes CLK.

The Other transfer types include 7 seater executive, 8 seater executive,  and 49 seater executive. These are designed for a bigger group of people to travel. These airport car services in London will also offer you the capacity to have 7 to 10 handbags and luggage with beautifully designed interiors and leather seeds and the professional drivers will take your transfer smoothly. The Mercedes Benz V class Volkswagen Transporter Vauxhall Vivaro Scania touring and Mercedes sprinter 516 are some of the cars that will be provided under this category. 


From the above article most of you might understand that the airport car services in London are a huge business and you can get to choose from any type of transfer that you like depending on your needs and the number of people you travel with. All you have to do is book all your transfers in advance so that once you get down at the airport everything will be sorted and you can have a hassle free trip.

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