London Heathrow Airport to coalville

Published December 11, 2022

A friendly place - Despite the sneers over the years, Coalville is one of the friendliest places you could know in the county. As it takes just two hours to travel from London Heathrow Airport to Coalville , people don't feel hectic to travel to this place. 

Anyone can chat with anyone, whether that's in the Belvoir Shopping Centre or while out for a walk in the many vast green areas that surround the town. 

Coalville is a former mining town, but that doesn’t mean the area is lacking in beautiful and stunning scenery. Far from it. At the heart of The National Forest, Coalville is inextricably linked with nature, turning its old coalfields into wonders of open landscapes,

full of flourishing flora and fauna. There are many nature walks around the area too, including Snibston Country Park and Nature’s Alive within the town itself.

The best place to spend your leisure

Its surrounding villages are chocked full of wonderful sights to see too, with nearby Copt Oak hosting the Charnwood Lodge nature reserve, while in Ibstock there is Sence Valley Forest Park. And of course for some size does matter as Bardon Hill, just on the doorstep of Coalville town centre, is the highest hill in the entire county, boasting majestic views of as far as 50 miles away.

The town is also home to many links with the railways, with The Leicester and Swannington line becoming the first of its kind in the county. From London Heathrow Airport to Coalville , we can call this  as a  land of sports.

Sport is well served too, with Coalville being home to footballers including former Leicester City defender Steve Whitworth and current Oxford United defender Elliott Moore. The football players are welcome to Coalville because it's the land for their desires to get fulfilled. 

Plenty to see

If you’re not walking around the endless green spaces Coalville and its wider area has to offer, there are plenty of places to entertain and inform too. Those of a historical persuasion could find themselves entranced at the 1620s House and Garden at nearby Donington le Heath, while others may find peace at Mount Saint Bernard Abbey.

However, it’s not just quiet that’s on offer at the Abbey as the monks who call it their home turned businessmen, creating the UK’s first ever Trappist beer, Tynt Meadow.

Entertainment is also part of the Coalville landscape through the likes of The Century Theatre, while the town’s famed nightclub Emporium is still a top draw, seeing the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac come and perform a set.

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