Popular Ways To Transfer From London Heathrow Airport to Covent Garden

Published February 22, 2022

The London Heathrow Airport offers a wide range of transfer options and is one of the most important locations in the UK. And an advantage is that the London Heathrow Airport transfers will fit everyone's budget and needs. If you are traveling from the London Heathrow Airport to Covent Garden there are many places that you can explore and make your trip to the covent garden a memorable one.

The Covent Garden is a very famous shopping and entertainment hub located in London's West End it is filled with fashion stores, craft stalls, an apple market, and the Royal Opera House. There are also London Transport Museum houses vintage vehicles upscale restaurant serve your questions and there are three letters that are filled with a crowd for plays and musicals. There are many things that you can do at the covent garden as it is filled with sightseeing.

So if you are at the covent garden and searching for a nice Cafe you can visit Amorino which is a famous ice cream shop at Covent garden it is located in Garrick street near the Covent Garden tube station this place is well known for its traditional Italian Gelato ice creams. Amorino was opened in the year 2013 and since then it has had high-quality gelatin and a lot of people who visit Covent Garden prefer this place. An added advantage is that they also have a wide range of options for vegan customers.

Besides authentic Italian Gelato, you can also choose macarons waffles, crepes, drinks latte, and hot chocolates with the choice of 10 different flavors. Asia at the covent garden for shopping then this is the best place you can find amusing brands that you can choose from it has some of the most sought women and men stores in London from a-line designers like Mulberry to BA&SH.

They also have Chanel, CARAT London, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren. So if you are a shopaholic then Covent Garden is a place you have to visit.

The distance from the London Heathrow Airport to Covent Garden is just 16 miles via the M4 and the A4 motorway and the journey will last only for around 55 minutes to 1 hour. There are quite a few ways to travel from the London Heathrow Airport to Covent Garden and if you're looking for the cheapest way between these two destinations the London on the ground will be a lifesaver.

Although if you're looking for the fastest and stress-free way to transfer from the London Heathrow Airport to Covent garden then the Heathrow Express will be e the ideal option for you it just takes 15 minutes from Heathrow to the Paddington station. Choosing to take the London underground tube service is another stress-free option as there are two to three stations to the covent garden which runs every 10 minutes and the ticket will only cost around 3 to 5 pounds and the journey takes around 45 minutes.

If you prefer taking a direct Transport from the London Heathrow Airport to Covent Garden the only direct train departing from Heathrow terminal take you to the Leicester square station this service operates every day and apart every 10 minutes. Another cheapest way take the bus that runs between these two destinations although this might not be the fastest option as the journey takes around 1 hour 15 minutes. 

But if you had a long flight and don't have much time to spend on travel you can always take private hire transport. The quickest way to get from the London Heathrow Airport to Covent Garden is to take a taxi but it might cost you you are a bit higher than any public transport and the advantage is that you will reach your destination in just 30 minutes.

And if you are choosing a private transfer you will be offered many amenities like getting a driver immediately after your flight,  your baggage will be taken care of,  you can have a small sightseeing station on your way and stop anywhere for quick shopping, Or a snack.

You can also get to choose the type of vehicle you want as there is a wide range of vehicles you can choose from a saloon car 8 seater executive depending upon the number of people you are traveling along. 


The above article will help you to understand the different ways to travel from the London Heathrow Airport to Covent Garden. Luckily you have a lot of online platforms through which you can book your transport well in advance once you know your flight timings,  Doing this will make your trip hassle-free and memorable.


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