Stress-Free Ways to Travel From London Heathrow Airport to Eastleigh

Published March 08, 2022

Eastleigh is a Town located in Hampshire, England between Southampton and Winchester. it is also known as the largest town and the administrative seat of the borough of Eastleigh and the population is around 24011 in the year 2011. Eastleigh was originally a village until the 19th Century and it was developed into a railway Town by London and South Western railway.  Eastleigh also has its designated football team which is called Eastleigh FC which was playing from the Year 2014 to 2015 they were also called the spitfires. 

A famous outdoor attraction at Eastleigh is the lakeside country Park this is a lovely park ok where you can spend a great time with your family and kids you can also get to visit the galloway cattle blast visit kingfishers owls foxes grass Snakes and deers don't forget to carry your Binocular along as it'll make you have the best day at the Lakeside Country Park.  You can find plenty of ducks and geese around the lake but unfortunately, you will not be allowed to feed them. 

Plus you can also take a pleasant ride on the narrow gorge Eastleigh Lakeside Railway and around mid-July to mid-September during weekends there is also a lakeside Cafe that is available for picnicking or you can also enjoy a decent comfortable evening. 

If you are planning on a kid's day out then the Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway will be the best place that you can visit you can travel on a steam Railway for a day you will be taken around this teams through the Hampshire countryside and in your journey, you'll pass lakes Children's playgrounds and plenty of picnic tables and you can also enjoy a scrumptious lunch. 

Visiting the Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway will be an adventure there and your kids will surely have the best day. And another advantage is that if your kids are under 3 years of age then the right will be free for them.  If you are at Eastleigh and looking for a nice place to have a good English breakfast then

you can visit Miss Ellie's cafe this is a popular place to have breakfast at Eastleigh and they also have vegetarian-friendly vegan options gluten-free option food as well and another advantage is that the rates in the cafe are reasonable you can enjoy their most famous baguette with Cranberry and also their perfectly cooked scrambled eggs with Salman this is one of the best breakfast at Eastleigh. 

They also serve authentic English tea with cookies and waffles. 

The London Heathrow airport and Eastleigh are not far from each other there is only a 58 miles distance between them via the M3 motorway and the journey will last for only around 58 minutes. 

The M3 motorway will be the best route that can be taken from London Heathrow Airport to Eastleigh as there are not many alternative routes.  Bus from London Heathrow Terminal 2 and terminal 3 and this and twice every day they operate all the days of the week and the journey will last for around 1 hour 25 minutes. 

Although the fastest way to travel from London Heathrow Airport to Eastleigh is by taking a drive and the journey will take around 1 hour 4 minutes.  And this option is also known as the cheapest way to travel between these two definitions.  The bus services from the London Heathrow Airport to Eastleigh are operated by Mega bus UK and they depart from the London Heathrow Airport terminals.  These Megabus services arrive at the South Amsterdam and fourth Parkway station. 

If you are looking for an easier way to book your bus tickets that are online platforms that are available by you can see different buses that Run from London Heathrow Airport to Eastleigh and you can choose to depend upon your needs.  There are more than 150 hotels available at Eastleigh where you can stay after your long flight.  These hotels can also be booked online in advance which you can do once you know your flight timings and you can avail a lot of offers if you are booking through online platforms.


The above article will help you to understand different ways to travel from London Heathrow Airport to Eastleigh. Eastleigh is definitely a great town to visit and if you want to spend more quality time then you have to book your travel well in advance via online platforms so that you can have a stress-free stay.


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