Travelling From London Heathrow Airport To Harwich Cruise Port

Published February 23, 2022

The distance between London Heathrow Airport to Harwich Cruise Port is 112.2 miles and the trip will take around 2 hours why are the M25 motorway and A12 motorway.Other routes can be taken through the A120 motorway which will take around 3 hours and 17 minutes to reach your destination. Harwich Cruise Port is located in a town called Essex, England.

It's known as one of the haven ports and located on the coast with the North Sea to the East. Harwich has two Carriers that are named Mayflower and Queen Elizabeth.It also had a royal Naval Dockyard which was established in the year 1652.

During the various was with France and Holland through the years 1815 this Dockyard was responsible for building and repairing numerous warships the Royal Navy no longer has a presence in Harwich English international port but continued to offer regular ferry services to Holland in the Netherlands the Mayflower Railway lines serves three operational passenger station which is the harvest International Dover court and Harwich town.

Travelling from  the London Heathrow Airport to Harwich Cruise port can be quite challenging.As travelling from Heathrow to the main terminal serving in London don't have many options among these Harwich is the least accessible from Heathrow.Harwich is located on the other side of London from both main airports like Heathrow and Gatwick so it's not the most convenient to transfer.

That is no scheduled direct daily public transport from the London Heathrow Airport to the Harwich Cruise port.But if your only choice is to choose public transport between these two destinations then you will require to change three Modes of transport which should be booked independently and the trip will take you around three hours or more depending on London's traffic.

Private cars might be a convenient option and the journey will last for around 2 hours or more.But the route will mostly be through the London orbital motorway which is known as the busiest in Europe and it might take hours during the evening time or if there is a block in the road.But there is a piece of good news as the Harwich ferry and Cruise terminal is integrated with a Harwich International train station.

Another convenient option to travel between the London Heathrow Airport to Harwich Cruise port can be using the National Express coaches that Run from Heathrow near Colchester which is the nearest large town to you Harwich.There will be one train that has to be changed from Colchester town to Manningtree town and the last stop will be the Harwich International station which will take around 40 to 70 minutes depending on the connection.

The national express bus service between the London Heathrow Airport to Harwich Cruise Port runs every 2 hours from Heathrow to Marks tey station near call Chester and the journey takes around 2 hours to reach the Harwich international through the Manningtree station.Although the most convenient option will be to go to Central London and take the National Express which will make your journey a lot shorter and convenient.

As London has numerous numbers of ports  travel from the London Heathrow Airport to Harwich Cruise Port  can be tiring for you but you are a few existing things that you can do at Harwich port and have a great time.

The port summer Nights are good times with the rock and roll every Wednesday night at the Harwich port.This is accompanied by different bands playing and food vendors great shopping and this should be something you have to do at your visit to the Harwich Cruise port, people highly love this place for its beautiful live music which can be enjoyed with a great drink and delicious dinner along the beachside.

the Cap'n and kids fishing adventure is specially offered for children to do fishing by rod and reel pull a lobster trap, bait a crab and more this is a 2-hour entertainment for kids.

So if you visit the Harwich cruise port make sure to visit these two places as they are some of the best attractions near the port.


Eventhough travelling between the London Heathrow Airport To Harwich Cruise port  you will definitely have a great time at the gross which will make you forget all the tiring travel you had taken.All you have to do is plan your trip accordingly so that you dont miss anything.


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