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Published December 15, 2021

The Luton Airport is an international airport located 1.5 miles east of Luton town in England and is 28 miles north of Central London. The London Luton Airport was previously known as the Luton International Airport this was opened in the year 1938. This airport features a single two-way passenger terminal building and the ground floor is equipped with checking desks, a separate security screening hall, some shops, service counters, and arrival facilities for the passengers.

Well, millions of people choose to visit London for its opportunities and attractions, if you are visiting London for the first time then you shouldn't miss some of its main attractions like the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, the London Eye, British Museum and many others.

If you have to get yourself from Luton to London city there are plenty of available options. Taking an airport taxi can be the most convenient option outside the airport. The ride will approximately cost around 80 Euros and takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Another fastest way to reach London city will be by train and it will cost around 16 Euros and the journey will only take 35 minutes. The cheapest option between Luton to London is the Luton airport bus service. Although it might be the slowest option as the trip will take around 90 minutes to reach London depending on the traffic there is a choice of two different bus companies operating three services into London.

If a bus is the most convenient option for the passenger then a single ticket will cost around 12 euros. In the year 2020, the rail services came into operation from Luton Airport Parkway to London city and there was a rail that was scheduled every 30 minutes. London has many airports and is one of the busiest transport hubs with hundreds of domestic and international flights.

However, they are not located close to the main local attractions in the City forcing its Travelers to think of a public or private means of transport. A bus Shuffle runs every 10 minutes from Luton Airport to London city. The main station in London for a train is St.Pancras it is a major underground hub and one of the best places in London to look for cheap accommodation.

A taxi or a minicab in London is often the most convenient transportation. With minicab travellers can be provided with an efficient trip at very reasonable prices minicabs in London can also be booked using online apps and they normally offer a range of taxi providers. London Airport taxi services are often chosen by the Travelers as it takes only one hour to reach Central London by taxi.

Several online apps can be used to book a taxi in London and there are a lot of offers that can be availed by booking online. Booking your pickup online can also be easier and convenient. Although if you choose comfort over spending money then the best option that can be used is to hire a private car transfer which will offer you a doorstep drop.

If you are a large group of people the cost of a mode of public transport will make you spend a lot more money than you expected. Private transport in London has a variety of dedicated services for private cars, vans and coaches according to your needs.

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