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Published March 24, 2022

Gatwick Airport is also known as the London Gatwick which is a major International Airport in West Sussex England. It is located 29.5 miles south of Central London.Before the covid-19 band make Gatwick was the second busiest app hold in the UK after the Heathrow airport and the 10 busiest airport in the whole of Europe is there 1933 it has been used for commercial flights the Apple has two terminals and operates as a single Runway airport but there is also a secondary Runway that is available however the secondary Runway is not in use.

In the year 2018 46.1 million passengers pass through Gatwick airport.The London Heathrow airport and the Gatwick airport are closely related as they are to International and important airports in the UK.

There are numerous world-famous attractions near Gatwick.Here are a few places that are a must-visit if you are at Gatwick.London's long history is written upon the face of the city and the river Thames has experienced it all during the nineteenth century a member of the Parliament quoted “the Mississippi is muddy water but the same is liquid history."  if you visit the Thames river and as you travel down the rivers Dark Waters you will enjoy an amazing shot of life in the dynamic of absolute history.The University of Sussex is an educational institution located near Gatwick.

A walk alongside the university will allow you to experience beautiful hello and interesting collection of architectural landmarks and you can also be a part of the events organized by students around the campus. University was established in the year 1961 and it also counts many Nobel Prize laureates among its staff and also has notable politicians among their alumni.Another famous attraction near Gatwick is Richmond Park which has an enhancing reputation in London and is also known as the leafy city.It is a spread of 2500 acres of land with just wildflowers Grassland and animals.

This park is well suited for a great day out with your whole family and they also contain a wide array of activities for families to enjoy from riding a horse, power kiting, and also playing golf.An added advantage is that Richmond Park contains the wild deer that has been their mainstay since its inception in the year 1600. 

Hassle-Free ways to Travel from London Heathrow airport to Gatwick. 

The travel distance from the London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick is around 30 7.8 miles via the M25 motorway and the travel time will take approximately 37 minutes.This is by far the simplest route between these two destinations.There are nearly six ways that you can travel from London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick.You can choose from the most economic way to the most expensive way to transfer.The most economical way to travel from London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick is to drive, as the travel distance is quite less but the journey will last for around 46 minutes.

However, if you want to reach Gatwick sooner and are looking for a fast way to transfer, some Towncars are available from London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick.This might cost you a dime but the journey will be faster and you will reach Gatwick in around 35 minutes.If you're looking for a direct transfer there is a direct bus that runs from London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick.The Services Department at the London Heathrow terminals 2 and 3 arriving at the London Gatwick airport the services depart on daily bases and operate every day the journey will take around 1 hour.However, if you're looking for a direct train from the London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick,

unfortunately, no direct trains are running between these two destinations but train services are departing from London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 and 3 arriving at Gatwick via Paddington station and London Victoria station the journey will last for one hour 10 minutes including all transfers. The train services from the London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick are operated by the Heathrow Express and they depart from the Heathrow train station.The bus services are operated by the Megabus UK and they arrived at the London Gatwick Airport station.Other than all these economic ways to transfer there are also luxurious and expensive ways that you can travel from London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick.

If you are not on a budget-friendly trip and you are ready to have extravagant things you can always prefer a private transfer which is available around all parts of the UK.These are expensive but your transfer will be luxurious and comfortable. You will have the advantage to stop anywhere and schedule your sightseeing around the city.There are a lot of online platforms that help you book your transfers more efficiently.

If you are a student who is visiting the UK for the first time and looking for accommodation near Gatwick, there are a wide range of options that you can choose from you can opt for a renovated share house which will also have transport links nearby every 10 minutes.Or if you're looking for something economic and budget-friendly you can always choose a single bed sharing a residence. 


The above article will help you understand a lot about the ways to travel from London Heathrow Airport to Gatwick and get economic accommodations.All these options can be looked upon online platforms to make it easier for you.


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