Luxury drive from London Heathrow Airport to Canterbury cathedral

Published November 03, 2022

In 1170 Canterbury cathedral was the scene of the murder of Thomas Beckett, the archbishop. We will be able to feel the presence of peace in the cathedral only if we start from London Heathrow Airport to Canterbury cathedral . Many pilgrims visited his shrine and those of the 14th century were immortalized by Geoffrey Chaucer in the Canterbury tales.

Why did the cathedral became very important place for pilgrims

Beckett's shrine became very important for the pilgrims in the country. One of the oldest cathedral found in UK is this cathedral. The cathedral is very famous for its architectural styles it possesses . Do you have the gothic architecture? Yes , ofcourse we do have gothic architecture and Romanesque architecture which makes the visitors so attractive . So why do you waste your time !! Instead begin your journey from London Heathrow Airport to Canterbury cathedral. 

Best hotels from London Heathrow airport to Canterbury cathedral

Hampton by Hilton Canterbury , cathedral gate , Canterbury city centre , etc are the best hotels near Canterbury .  forgettable services like room services, food services, including restaurants in the hotel , personal butler , unshared swimming pool etc services and facilities are available in the hotels  .

Getting from London Heathrow Airport to Canterbury cabinet via car , bus, train and motorcycle -

Select an option to get to Canterbury cathedral via all the means available in UK. But don't forget that , there is availablity of chauffeur services too. The luxury chauffeur services are so beneficial when it comes to visiting places like Canterbury cathedral and others.

It almost takes two hours of travel via train. It takes nearly four hours of travel time via bus. It takes just one hour and thirty minutes to reach the destination . Isn't it amazing while hearing about the journey time via car. 

Best places to visit in Canterbury - As soon as we start from London Heathrow Airport to Canterbury cathedral we must have few plannings inorder to use the time perfectly. For that we should know about the places , the accomodations , the travel schedules , the mode of transport , open and closing timings and everything about the place. Also visit private Kent castles , The White Cliffs of Dover , Gardens in the Kent and so on.


So far we have discussed about the accommodations , modes of  travel and other interesting things in Canterbury. The most adorable places in Canterbury are the cathedrals , the gardens and the sceneries available there. When it comes to travel from London Heathrow Airport to Canterbury cathedral , it is so safe and convenient to travel by chauffeur services . It doesn't mean that traveling by other means of transport is not safe , it's all about the luxury and comforts they carry .

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